Extra virgin olive oil has acidity of less or equal to 0.5% and is widely appreciated for its well-balanced fruity flavor and aroma. For quality extra virgin olive oil only perfectly ripened olives are used. The procedure used for its extraction is very strict in order to prevent the oxidization of the product and the alteration of its characteristics.

Characteristics: Superior quality Greek olive oil of low acidity, obtained directly from hand-picked olives. It has harmonious fruity flavor, golden-green color, distinct fine aroma and rich texture.

Packaging: 250 ml green glass bottle, 500 ml green glass bottle and 5 litre Tins.

Product Specifications:
Acidity 0.3% – 0.5%
Peroxide ≤ 20 meq Ο2/kg
Wax content ≤ 250 mg/kg
K232 ≤ 2.50
K270 ≤ 0.22
DK ≤ 0.01

Colour: Greenish Gold
Odour: Medium Fruity
Taste: Fruity Mature, Light Bitter & Peppery

Origin: Lesvos, Greece

Olive Variety: Kolovi, Adramytini, Ladolia