Beauty Olive Oil Soap

Characteristics: Mild olive oil soap that creates dense lather. It contains all the therapeutic qualities of olive oil, moisturizing your skin deeply, leaving it soft and clean.

Color: no added color

Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, aqua, sodium chloride.

Olive oil beauty treatment

Characteristics:Olive oil for cosmetic purposes. It can be applied either to your body or face and used as a rich moisturiser. It can be applied either during day or night, but it is best to be applied to damp skin and reduce any feeling of greasiness with water. Also, it can be used to soften dry nails and cuticles, rubbing some drops of olive oil into the cuticle area and around the nail. Olive oil is an excellent eye makeup remover. Simply use one or two drops to a cotton pad and gently remove eye makeup.