Organic is the olive oil produced from olive groves that are subject to the directions applied for organic farming. Throughout the entire cultivation procedure no chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides were applied to olive trees. While during pressing, preservation and bottling procedures of olive oil no kind of treatment was used.

Characteristics: Exceptional quality Greek extra virgin olive oil cultivated, collected and produced solely under organic methods. It is characterized by well-balanced earthly mild flavor with fruity notes, bright color and delicate aroma.

Certifications: It has Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Lesvos certified by Agrocert (certificate nr POC/2385-19918.13). It is also certified by ΔΗΩ (Inspection and Certification Organization for Organic Products. DIO Code 21381130395) for standardization, preservation and trading procedures.

Packaging: 250 ml green glass bottle, 500 ml green glass bottle. All glass bottles have external packaging that protects olive oil from UV rays and sustains all its characteristics unaltered for a long time until its consumption.

Product Specifications:
Acidity 0.2% – 0.45%
Peroxide ≤ 20 mEq Ο2/kg
Wax content ≤ 250 mg/kg
K232 ≤ 2.50
K270 ≤ 0.22
DK ≤ 0.01

Colour: Greenish Gold
Odour: Medium Fruity
Taste: Fruity, Medium Bitter & Peppery with a Grassy Tone

Origin: Lesvos, Greece

Olive Variety: Kolovi, Adramytini